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Energy Healing & Meditation given & taught on a variety of modalities, Courses / Workshops - Excellent feedback and Results over the years

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Sally has been running meditation groups for the past 8 years.  She has recently been instructing hospital staff on Mindfulness meditation.  She has experience of Transendental, Guided, Visual, Shamanic Drumming & Chanting meditation techniques. She has completed a course on Mindfulness Self-Compassion, attended silent day retreats and run several silent retreats of her own.  By the end of the day retreat, students always say how surprised time flew by, and how easy it was to actually keep silent and be at one for those four hours. Past students are now regular attendendees and have each seen a huge shift in their personalities, from being stressed and unable to cope, to being much centred and calmer, and able to handle what challenges life gives them. Feedback has been excellent over the years.




    Crystals regularly manifest their magic in what can be called a subtle, form, similar to other forms of holistic/energy healing.   This usually

works via a type of subtle yet deep, long-term magic.  Almost without you noticing things have improved unmistakably – within you.

  Many of our clients and students have felt the amazing energy being omitted by various crystal types.  Each one differs from the other, which is why so many crystals can be utilised for many different things, from opening and balancing of your chakra/energy centres, to using on healing     crystal grids, to various types of illness, divination, and for psychic development. Crystals can help to bring harmony and joy to your life: some for protection, others to attract love, success, prosperity, self-confidence, health and happiness. Crystals can even highten your meditation experience.

All we ask is that you keep your mind and heart open to limitless possibilities, and you will be amazed by what manifests within and around you.

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