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Energy Healing & Meditation given & taught on a variety of modalities, Courses / Workshops - Excellent feedback and Results over the years

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I have witnessed first hand the power of faith and divine intervention.       Thank you again for your friendship and recognise genuine love for ones

brother & sister, for earth & heaven & ones beliefs, this is a rare gift & blessing. Thanks for listening. Namaste


Sally has the most amazing energy & aura as a Master Healer & Practitioner.  I felt truly cleansed following my healing session.  Sally mixed the use of Angelic Reiki & ThetaHealing which allowed me to feel truely realigned within my own soul & spirit during the session.  I felt charged with a spiritual energy that has helpedme move forward on my path. Highly appreciative of Sally's use of Theta, which focuses on living life with positive values, thought connction with the Creator.  I felt fully able to clear limiting beliefs that I was holding in myself & harmonised within my mind, body & spoirit following the session.  The negative portal was moved and I felt truely able to walk away & focus on positivity & abundance.  Thank you Sally. - Feeling Blessed!

Sally is an amazing Energy Healer

THANK YOU SALLY.  I went there with trepidation to meditation at new venue.  Went on a journey I have not experienced for over 20 years.  Shout it from the roof tops, from the highest mountains.  THANK YOU SALLY XXX

Fantastic Angelic Reiki course with some wonderfully knowledgeable & intuitive assistants.  I wouldn't hesitat recommending this course with Sally. Blessings

Sally is a bright & bubbly, compassionate & empathetic healer & teacher.  I had the most wonderful Angelic 1&2 course with her as our Teacher & Guide and the energies were just amazing! Thank you Sally!

I had an Angelic Reiki & ThetaHealing session with our lovely Sally.  She treated me for physical & mental trauma following an accident.  She also treated me for other pas traumas.  Had the best nights sleep and now have calmness& clarity. WOW

When you are with Sally, who is larger (in Energy) in life and she has got me feeling Grrrreat.  Love & Light are certainly emanated from her.


I am really grateful for your help with my son, he was really struggling with a negative energy that had attached itself to him, he had completely changed from the happy little boy he's always been, to clearly being under a negative influence, was awful to witness... Through Sally using Theta, she was able to clear him of this and we have our happy little boy back!!  Thank you so much Sally, we can definately recommend you.


 I had my first Theta healing session with Sally the other day and beforehand I must say I wasn’t 100% convinced about the claims or advantages of Theta healing.

As the session proceeded it felt exactly the right thing I should be doing right now. Sally guided me through to accessing the seven layers of Theta, enabling me to access and achieve a deeper level of healing.

I was downloaded with positive beliefs and negative beliefs were pulled and at each stage I could feel the positive energy and support from Sally. So much so that after exploring one negative belief that I could not let go of ie ‘ I am free of disease’ which was linked to a past life I was able to access this past life where I saw myself as a plague victim. As soon as I closed my eyes the word ‘plague’ came up and kept repeating, until I saw the figure of a woman dressed in clothes from a previous century slumped in a doorway on the cobbled street. Before I said anything to Sally she said to me I feel you were a victim of the Plague!

If ever I needed the proof of the validity of doing Theta healing there it was........

Thank you so much Sally for your special gift ,so looking forward to the next session . xxx