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Energy Healing & Meditation given & taught on a variety of modalities, Courses / Workshops - Excellent feedback and Results over the years

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Contact: 07592 013915


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Sally uses her intuitive and energetic techniques to give her clients the practical, emotional and spiritual tools they need to find inner peace and live their own dream lives.  She is passionate about leading others into a world of holistic living, mindset shifting and spiritual stirrings.  She guides you into a world of self-love and self-care. A world where you make the rules, where you can truly feel alive.  With over 10 years’ experience, she is passionate about using her array of skills to assist others to work through emotional issues, depression, anxiety, learning difficulties and supports her clients in resolving stress, distress and blockages so they too can pursue a meaningful, balanced and engaging life. She helps others understand what it takes to change thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.  She runs various Meditations / Mindfulness groups in her area of East Kent, as well as the local NHS Trust for staff, and is being invited to attend various venues to give introduction talks and run mindful, well-being sessions.  She runs a facebook group which empowers others with tools to find their inner happiness. It is Sally’s mission to help others align with their divine, light up their potential and shine brightly in the world.

Most recently Sally became a best-selling co-author in 5 categories, and the fastest selling book on Amazon, along with 21 of her Soul Sisters, a group of women who have come together to each write a chapter about their self-healing journeys.  “When The Goddess Calls”.


Sally believes mindfulness is the key to a deeper sense of connection between mind, body & soul.  As the founder of Sunflower Energy Healing Therapies, Sally’s aim is to help heal the World, by helping others become more mindful and is inspiring people around the world with her work and energy.  She holds an array of energy healing qualifications which include Mindfulness Masters, the beautiful & highest vibration Reiki technique known as Angelic Reiki, Crystal and Hands-on-Healing, and the most awesome of all, ThetaHealing in Basic and Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Family Ties, Significant Other, Manifesting & Abundance & Creator & You.  Sally’s aim is to promote self-care, self-healing, well-being and mindfulness as a necessity for everyone and not just a luxury or classed as weird and wacky.  All the above really does work and she has been witness to many miracles over the years.

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